Mike Adams is an excellent Attorney. His knowledge of the law is vast and he has a way of explaining things to make sense so that we, as Clients, understand.

Mike Adams is trustworthy & honest, extremely smart, friendly, hard working, experienced & much more.

It is really unfortunate that a good lawyer is so hard to find.

There are so many Attorney's out there that really just dont care and wont even work on the case and some will only do the bare minimum amount of work. Mr. Adams isnt like that though. He actually spends the time to work the case so the odds are in your favor.

More than a 5 star rating!

Kelli Ellis

Michael is absolutely a excellent attorney.
He is a great and important person to the people that cross paths with him.
My case was not a huge case to most attorneys but to Mr. Adams took the case and climbed a mountain top to fight in my name and I'm forever in debt to him in appreciation for helping me feel protected and respected.

I hope who ever reads this you meet Mr. Michael and get the same opportunity I was given. He is a true trial attorney.
Thank you Michael.

Jeffrey Juarez

Michael Adams is a professional lawyer, and a trusted law enforcement counselor that will fight for your rights in almost all circumstances. Over 30 years as my legal counsel and willing to have him at my side at the courtroom any day. Thank you. *HABLA ESPAƑOL TAMBIEN*

Rafael Martinez