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When any public institution infringes on the civil rights of you or your loved one, you should contact an attorney to explore your options. At the Law Offices of Michael E. Adams, we are proud to help people get justice through civil rights litigation. Our lawyer, Michael Adams, has helped many people in his 35-year career, and he offers free initial consultations to anyone in the California Bay Area who believes they may have a case. Contact us.

Since opening his practice in Redwood City, California, Michael Adams has taken on and won many civil rights claims. Such cases involve many issues, such as:

  • Freedom of speech
  • Due process
  • Equal protection
  • Public accommodation; access for disabled persons
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
Attorneys can file civil rights claims against any public employee or organization, including police officers, teachers, prison workers and other state agencies. These cases can take many forms, and Mr. Adams has successfully handled a wide range.

Prison Litigation

In one case, Mr. Adams represented a prison inmate whose letters to outside newspapers complaining about prison conditions were not allowed because prison officials did not consider them to be "rehabilitative." In prosecuting the prison for violation of our client's federal civil right to free speech, Mr. Adams argued the case before the United States Supreme Court and won a substantial victory.

Another case involved a different prison inmate who had special medical needs due to his colostomy. The prison guards failed to honor these needs, resulting in considerable unnecessary suffering for his client. Mr. Adams filed suit for violation of his client's federal civil rights, citing cruel and unusual punishment, and obtained a reasonable settlement for his client early in the litigation.

Student Harassment

Mr. Adams also represented the family of an elementary school student who was the victim of racial harassment by his fellow students. Along with a team of attorneys, Mr. Adams prosecuted the school officials for failing to intervene and put a stop to the harassment, thus violating his client's federal civil rights. They obtained a reasonable settlement for his client on the brink of trial.

Failure to Accommodate for a Disability

Mr. Adams represented a woman who participated in horse racing tournaments conducted by a statewide organization. The woman could no longer wear the buckled belt required for contestants due to deterioration in her chronic spinal condition. When the organization refused to exempt his client from the required belt, Mr. Adams prosecuted the organization under California's Unruh Civil Rights Act for failing to accommodate his client's disability. During appeal from a trial court ruling, he obtained a settlement granting his client a permanent exemption from the belt requirement when competing in tournaments.

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